The Ins and Outs of Public Administration

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Leadership and Management POSDCORB: planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting and budgeting. These tools are necessary to perform the ongoing duties of a public administration. POSDCORB emphasizes professionalism, executive control functions, and organizational theory to governmental organizations for the sake of efficient management practices (Chalekian, 2013).

Planning Planning involves the preparation for an organization to operate at desirable levels to achieve desirable outcomes. Decision making is involved to resolve various issues that may confront public administrators (Chalekian, 2013).

Organizing Organizing describes compiling the activities an agency or organization may offer and create a reporting structure for the administration. Strategies for success are set in place to create a hierarchy within an agency.

Staffing Staffing refers to the training of personnel to operate the agency’s activities. Skill sets along with the measurement of an individual’s progress in certain tasks. The development of human resources comes into play to acquire personnel for training, hiring and firing.

Directing This management function involves leadership and the motivation of individuals to perform to the organization’s expectations. Interpersonal skills are needed by the management to lead the staff on a positive direction.

Coordinating Coordinating Entails the many functions of a company and “channeling” them into one
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