Essay on The Ins and Outs of Service Charges for Flat Rentals

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The ins and outs of service charges
Services charges will be a common occurrence for those living in a flat, as they play a part in how the building is taken care of and maintained. Service charges are considered the only measurable and manageable way to cover the buildings maintenance costs. If you live in a converted house, odds are you won’t need to pat monthly service charges, but in some cases you may be asked to pay such charges either quarterly, half-yearly or annually,
The purpose of service charges is to cover general repairs, regular cleaning and employment of certain building staff. In some instances service charges may cover building insurance, but this isn’t always the case and you may need to enquire with freeholder to see
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The following is what would qualify as expensive:
- Work that costs more than £250 per flat
- Services (general repairs, gardening or cleaning) that cost £100 or more per flat
Don’t accept the freeholders word for any repairs that are set to take place, they should provide you with copies of two or more estimates that they have taken out for the work in question. Also, one of the quotes should be obtained from an independent contractor that has no connection to the freeholder. The only instance in which a freeloader can go ahead with a repair without your consent is if it is deemed urgent. If you feel you haven’t been consulted properly or in due time, then it may be worth seeking legal advice as you may not have to be held accountable for the work.
Challenging service charges
If you feel that the services you’re receiving are sub-par or un-satisfactory you should write to the freeholder detailing your concerns. In such instances they may lower the rate you pay going forward or compensate you in some way. If the freeholder is unreasonable and refuses to better the building services, you can take the disagreement to a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT). They will decide if your complaints are valid and hold the freeholder accountable if so.
Responding to poor service
In rare cares freeholders may charge for
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