The Insider 's Guide On The Value Of Horror Movies And Books

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The Insider’s Guide to the Value of Horror Movies and Books “How do you people watch this?!?! ” and “Why do everyone in this room have this intense love for horror movies was two phrases that I heard one night at my friend’s house while we watched Jason killed his 3rd victim on Friday the 13th. “Horror is defined as being a strong aversion mingled with dread” stated by Patrick Johnson in his paper, “The Importance of Horror”. Just like Graff’s essay on “Hidden Intellectualism”, there is a hidden value in horror films and books. Horror has played a large part in the human race and it has existed ever since the 1700s. From the Devil’s Castle in 1896 to Ouija: Origin of Evil in 2016, horror films have been around for a long period time and they are not going to go away no time soon. Furthermore, Graff states that “nor do we consider one of the major reasons why schools and colleges overlook the intellectual potential of street smarts” (957). In a like manner, we could say that people overlook the value of horror films and books. First, finding the value of horror flicks and books. Second, why do people value horror flicks and books? Last, how do horror films and books have value. When you analyze horror movies from the past and compare them to the ones, they all have one common trait, which is that they have some type of value to people. Most people do not see the value in horror movies and books. People only see the wicked feelings and actions that horror movies do to

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