The Inspiration Of Elvis Presley And The American Dream

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When one thinks of Elvis Presley, he or she may think of the line “I’m all shook up,” his signature white flamboyant jumpsuit, or his stereotypical movies. However, Elvis was much more than a singer, he was an influence and an inspiration that paved the way for a new era of music as well as an age of acceptance. He can be considered one of the greatest musicians of all time not only because he won countless awards and honors, but because he also helped to merge African and Caucasian America, represented the American dream, and inspired many other successful musicians. Elvis’s excessive popularity resulted in countless awards and honors in not only his music career but also for his acting and charity work. He sold more than one billion…show more content…
This is believed to be what inspired him to become “a white man with the Negro sound and the Negro feel.” (“Elvis Presley Biography”) Early in his career, it was discovered that he could perform blues songs while also keeping his southern roots. This unique blend of styles along with Elvis’s popularity became a catalyst for a musical revolution. Black music needed to be introduced by a white artist in order to appeal to an audience outside of the African American community, and Elvis was the one who could do it (McKeen). He had the charisma, the charm, the look, and the moves. During the rise of his fame, Elvis was invited to be on Milton Berle's Variety Show. On his second appearance, his promiscuous dance moves, mostly involving the gyrating of his hips, deemed him “inappropriate” for audiences by CBS. This prompted Elvis to only be televised from the waist up, which in turn built anticipation for his shows. “He was sexual, sensual, rude, and the best thing to happen in years.” (Partridge, 26) He would also become friends with African American artists who he would then endorse at public events, concerts, interviews, and television appearances. This helped to spread African American music to primarily Caucasian areas of the country. The use of the radio had a massive impact on this spread, it even helped Elvis develop his interest in the African American sound. When Elvis was growing up, segregation laws were enforced. Schools, seats on

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