The Inspirational Nature of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

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Oliver Twist is a popular book written by Charles Dickens among many others

such as David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol. Charles Dickens wrote many short

stories, plays, novels, fiction, and nonfiction stories during his lifetime. He wrote a

lot about the different types of people in the world, especially about the poor. This

type of writing showed in the book Oliver Twist. This book is told by a 3rd

omniscient narrator.

Oliver Twist is the main character in this book as the story is based around

his life. He is an orphan boy who is in need of a good home. He lives in a workhouse

at first and escapes right away to look for better living conditions. The story of

Oliver’s life is a main part of the whole book. Mr. Brownlow and Fagin are just a

couple that are mentioned more than others throughout the book. Mr. Brownlow is

a kind old gentleman that ends up taking care of Oliver. He is very important in the

story because he is the character that figures out the story behind Oliver’s life. The

Brownlow household is the first place that Oliver has actually liked to be and not

wanted to escape. Oliver felt safe there after he had escaped the group of thieves he

had run across that was led by Fagin. Fagin was a thieve, murderer, and robber. His

plan was to make a bad kid out of Oliver, but by the end of the book that wasn’t

going to happen. Fagin was a big part of the book because once Oliver had escaped

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