Essay about The Inspiring Story of Jacqueline Saburido

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Kayla Geistman Geistman 1
Professor C Randall
English 1020-3rd period
11 February 2015
The inspiring story of Jacqueline Saburido Advertisements posted on the website share multiple stories of people who were unexpectedly struck by drunk drivers. There was one story in particular that stood out to me more than the others and that was Jacqueline Saburido’s. This advertisement makes a powerful statement about how drunk driving can not only kill someone, but can also scar someone for life. The goal of the organization that posted this advertisement is to never drink and drive. It is not worth risking your life, someone else’s life, or putting anyone at risk of lifelong hardships and injuries. They present
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The ones who are still alive and learning to strive with their injuries are the real victims.
In Jacqueline’s extreme case, she was with five friends driving home one night when a drunk driver swerved into their lane and hit them head on. Two of her friends died in the accident while she was left in the burning car. Jacqueline suffered from third degree burns on 60% of her body, but the inspiring part is yet to come. Jacqueline is not only alive and striving, but she is also learning to put her life back together and continue with life as normally as possible. But exactly how possible is that when you are left with noticeable deficiencies? Jacqueline was only 20 years old when the accident happened. She had recently decided to take a break from college to move to America from Venezuela to study English. With her injuries, she was not able to continue her college education or help her dad run his air conditioning factory. But even with this, Jacqueline still hopes to get married and have kids someday. She is aware that this may not be possible, but she is living life day-by-day hoping for a miracle. Although this advertisement is effective, it is a bit extreme. For me, looking at the shocking physical change of Jacqueline after the accident was depressing, but I was able
Geistman 3 to find the message behind the advertisement. On the other hand though, some may not be able to look at the advertisement long enough to see what exactly it is all
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