The Institute For Healthcare Improvement

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Institute For Healthcare Improvement The Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School helps the Health Care personnel to advance the quality improvement and patient safety competency to be able to provide the optimum care needed by the patients. As a future provider itself, I think using IHI will benefit my practice and will help me in dealing with different situations. With the IHI 's comprehensive program it will help to improve the lives of the patients, the health of communities, and establishing a good workflow.
I have accomplished some courses, which greatly helps me in improving care and outcome and working towards the patients’ goals. Being as one of the Administrative staff in my work, I am very pleased of learning new ideas from IHI and having this applied towards my work setting.
L 101: Becoming a Leader in Health Care According to Reinertsen, “Leaders take responsibility for problems; they don’t just whine about them.” (Reinertsen, 2005). I found out that leaders should not ignore or complain a problem rather they should know and solve the problem. The “leadership stance” is a positive, "let 's do something about it" (Reinertsen, 2005). It includes gathering information, disseminating information and distribution of task to solve the problem. The purpose is for the leader to take an action towards the problem. The leadership stance is a not pose wherein a “Get-it-done” attitude is needed. Gardner said that there is nine task of leadership which is…
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