The Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers Essay

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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a worldwide association of professional dedicated to the advancement of technology. They have developed 802 Standards that have impacted most of the modern era of telecommunications and computer networking. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) overlooks standardization over a broad spectrum of products and services in numerous industries including technology, electronics, construction, dairy and livestock. Established almost 100 years ago, ANSI has provided standards for many products including lamps, cameras and computers. The International Organization for Standards (ISO) is a similar body that has an international focus in providing standards for many different sectors including technology, food safety, agriculture and healthcare. Similar in nature to ANSI, ISO was originated in the U.K. after World War II. All three associations are committed to in making advancements in products and services and avoid waste and ensure safety by implementing standards in business industries to create stability and commonality. The three bodies have working agreements of cooperation. Also, each organization was founded by engineers. The IEEE is more focused on telecommunications and technology. The IEEE has a global membership and has many working groups that target the critical standards in today’s telecommunications. Its foundation is based on the very beginnings of electricity and the enormous growth of
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