The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Essay

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The discipline of Electronic Engineering has involved itself greatly into today’s society. Every day, people use technology that was pioneered by those who have studied the science of electronic components and applied the engineering principles of electronics towards creating devices and technology that benefit society. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for societies benefit. As students become Electronic Engineers, they will become involved with the IEEE during their careers and help in developing new and beneficial technologies. Such examples of this emerging technology include: the development of Motor Vehicle Event Data Recording…show more content…
One such example is the development of data logging technology, or “Black Box” technology for use in automobiles. The IEEE established standard IEEE 1616a, which standardizes Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorders (MVEDRs), which are similar to units used in aircraft flight recorder systems. The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are requiring these units to be installed in all vehicles by 2011. (Dobreff) Tom Kowalick, chairman of the IEEE 1616a Working Group states, “IEEE 1616a will help minimize traffic related fatalities, reduce instances of theft and insurance fraud, and help improve vehicle, emergency response, and roadway design, providing consumers with a greater level of protection.” (Dobreff) With this advancement, the engineers of the IEEE help in improving consumer safety relating to motor vehicle operations. Additionally, the IEEE develops computer networking standards that consumers, professionals, and communities use every day, either at home or at work. IEEE 802.11n is a new wireless communication protocol that is used wireless networking and computing. It improves upon previous IEEE 802.11 standards by increasing the data rates and the range limits of wireless local area networks (WLANs). (McCabe) The new standard is designed to help address the escalating demands placed on wireless
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