The Institutional Theory Of CSR And Management

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Chapter I: Theories of CSR and Management 1- Institutional approach on CSR 1.1.Basic Principles of Institutional Theory 1.1.1. Overview The pure growth of the theory of open systems is none other than the practice of the theory of institutions to organizations. Therefore, in Open Systems Theory, the obligations of the operational environment place the organization as a production system that no longer operates according to an instrumental logic. In the field of institutional theory, the organizational environment is now seen as a social phenomenon both institutional and operational . The introduction of a recent concept of exogenous variables gives institutional theory a strictly concordant analytical framework. In response, this new framework admits to attaching the rise of certain organizations to that of certain institutions and to develop the similarities or isomorphism, behaviors, forms and structures outcropping in an organizational field. By dispersing, if these institutions expand their domains, and therefore with the necessary conditions, this theory…show more content…
Consequently, as the majority of their successors date back to the twentieth century, the early institutionalist sociologists were able to very much agree with the model of Spencer and Summer (1876-1896). The fundamental functions of harmonizing societies with their contexts are guaranteed by the institutions following this model. Structural Functionalism describes the institution in two words: a concept and a structure . The first informs about the object or activity of the institution while the second attribute body to the concept by providing all the instrumentalities necessary for its implementation. In addition, the institution is the result of a change, institutionalization, transforming, slow and
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