The Insurance Agency Implemented A Military Type Leadership Style

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each other requires commitment, communication, and a desire to improve all aspects of each individual’s daily activities. Cohesive and profitable organizations are rare and creating the type of organization previously depicted through the lens of espoused theories will require a significant amount of leadership and communication to accomplish. The previous owner of the insurance agency implemented a military type leadership style, based solely upon achieving realistic results through the measurements of statistical analysis. In other words, pick up the phone and call all of these people and according to the statistics, x amount of sales will ensue. The problem with the aforementioned strategy is that the approach is demeaning and…show more content…
There are many types of leadership perspectives available, choosing the best available option necessary to lead others is sometimes challenging. Whenever you are purchasing an existing business with knowledgeable staff and the complexities involved with job are nearly impossible without the current staff, a certain amount of contingencies for various aspects of the individuals are imperative. An extremely effective organizational strategy entails the utilization of a style described as taking a compromising philosophical approach. Enabling others with the ability to contribute freely and developing those individuals to the point whereby working freely equates to achieving consistently superior results. While some leaders feel that in some situations, empowerment is best achieved through a more direct and active approach, other leaders feel most situations call for laissez-faire, a dismissive and passive approach (Wong & Giessner, 2015). The differences found among the two types of leadership endeavors can have a strikingly profound impact upon the completion of organizational goals and objectives. Prior organizational experience is extensive enough to distinguish between and understand some of the implications for both methods of leadership. The current organizational worker who would like to continue her employment under new leadership has already began to make comments regarding
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