The Insurance Impacts Of The Affordable Care Act

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While there has been large media coverage about the insurance impacts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there has been a smaller amount discussed of the law’s changes to provider reimbursement policy, reforms to the delivery system, and investments in programs to improve the quality of care and constrain long-run growth in health care costs. And yet, the elements included in the ACA directed at cost and quality is possible to affect the practice of care for nearly every provider across the country. Although cost containment policies and initiatives are largely applied through federal health programs which including Medicare and Medicaid; cost containment in these programs has important cost-saving spillover effects to private health care markets through changes in health care practices and pricing across sectors of care. ACA cost containment policies that target the delivery of health care at the provider level, and aim to reduce system-wide health care costs; for the federal and state governments, individuals, and employers. Small businesses have a difficult time affording health insurance because costs continue to spiral out of control. Affordable Care Act includes many provisions to contain costs. These measures will be felt throughout the entire healthcare system, lowering premium costs for small business owners and consumers alike. The following provisions are some of the main cost containment measures enacted by the ACA: Tax Credits for Small Businesses - One of the
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