The Insurgent

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Discussion Questions for Chapter Three of The Great Gatsby What simile does Fitzgerald use to describe the way people came and went to Gatsby’s parties? (39) Like moths among the whispering and the champagne and the stars. What does Gatsby’s Rolls-Royce seem to become on the weekends? (39) An omnibus. What arrives at Gatsby’s every Friday? (39) Five crates of oranges and lemons. What leaves Gatsby’s every Monday? What change has occurred? (39) The same oranges and lemon lay in a pulp-less heap ready to be picked up. How does Gatsby provide music for his parties? (40) He has an orchestra. What’s present at Gatsby’s parties that the Volstead (or, Prohibition) Act of 1919 prohibited? (40) Alcohol. What about Nick is different…show more content…
What’s the second piece of gossip we hear? (44) He was a German spy during the war. What contradicts the second piece of gossip? (44) One of the women states she knows that Gatsby was in the American army during the war. On what does the woman who thinks Gatsby once killed a man base her opinion? (44) By the way he looks; she says that if you look at him sometime when he thinks nobody is looking, you can tell that he killed a man. Jordan wants to leave the supper table. What about it bothers her? (45) It’s too polite for her. What reason does Jordan give her company for her leaving the table? (45) She explained that they were going to find the host; they had not yet greeted him. What is the owl-eyed man in the library most surprised about? What does his astonishment tell you about the society of the day? (45) He was surprised that all the books in the library are real, which shows in this time most wealthy people’s private libraries were filled with not real but fake books because it was only for show and they never had any intention of reading those books; they just wanted to appear intellectual. Everyone was fake and only out to impress others. What has the owl-eyed man been for about a week? (46) Drunk. What has increased by midnight? (46) The hilarity. Nick says he’d “taken two finger bowls of champagne and the scene had changed before my eyes into something significant, elemental and profound.” Can we rely on Nick’s memory as accurate? No. He
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