The Intake And Engagement Video With My Client Samantha

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This journal entry will discuss the intake and engagement video with my client Samantha and will be a personal self-assessment of the issues that need work. In addition, the paper will discuss the beginning of the interview and skills and techniques such as empathy, rapport building, listening skills, open and closed-ended questions, and signs of client engagement. The second part of the interview will discuss the focus of the interview and the closure of the interview. Furthermore, when doing a self-assessment, it is important to do a self-reflection of what was alright and what mistakes were made when doing the interview so corrections can be made in basic and advanced interviewing skills and techniques for the future when helping…show more content…
When looking at rapport and empathy I would say that establishing rapport was not a problem, however, my empathy skills and some other interviewing skills need work. In addition, it takes practice to learn these things and I believe that once the skills and techniques are used enough it will become easier, and I have confidence in my abilities. Listening Skills – “During the intake interview it is primarily a question and answer session. Agencies use the intake interview as a screening tool to determine whether services offered fit the needs of the client. It is possible that the intake worker will complete the form and then pass along the information to the appropriate caseworker or therapist. Depending on the intake process, the client may have already completed the forms independently, and therefore you can move right into the assessment itself” (Cummins et al., 2012, p.145). Listening skills is important in both the intake and engagement process because this is when rapport is built with the client and information is gathered about the client to help them. “What does it mean to engage a client in a therapeutic helping process? It is important to understand the circumstances under which a client is referred to you or coming to you for help. Many clients are scared about being shrunk that the social worker will qualitatively change them or take their children away.

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