The Intake Structure Essay

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The Intake structure is provided in three separate shafts for stop-log gate, trash rack and service gates are provided. Following types of gates are proposed. • Emergency / Stop Log Gates Provision of one emergency gate of size 5000M X 7000OM - MT Capacity EOT Crane with lifting beams is made for lifting and lowering the emergency gate. Arrangement of ACC hoisting structure is to be provided. • Trash Rack Gate: Trash Rack Panels with E.O.T cranes of 20 Metric Ton Capacity with lifting beam and RCC hoisting structure is proposed. • Service Gate The service gate consists of gate of size 4X9 meter with hydraulic lifting and lowering system. • Intake Tunnel: A circular Intake Tunnel of 7.2 m finished dia with 50 cm R.C.C lining is proposed, considering 4 m/s limiting velocity. Length of intake tunnel is proposed as 227 m with radius of curvature 70 m at the junction with intake structure. A bed slope of 1:100 is provided. • Head Race Tunnel: A circular HRT of 7.2 m finished dia with 50 m R.C.C lining is proposed. Length of HRT is proposed as 30 m upto the junction of Y-piece. Discharge through the tunnel is considered as 160 cumecs. • Pressure Shafts: It is proposed to install 2 units of 40MW reversible turbines. A steel line Y-piece is provided to branch the pressure shafts, after which two circular steel lined pressure shafts 2.9m dia, are provided upto spiral case inlet. Similar arrangement is provided on the d/s after draft tube control valves. • Power House: Power House

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