The Integrated Sport Injury Model Is The Best Model That

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The integrated sport injury model is the best model that could explain Matt’s psychological response to his reaggravating his shoulder injury. In this paper I will give a complete analysis of Matt’s psychological response for set backs in his rehabilitation process. This will be done in three main points: First I will explain what specifically the integrated sport injury model is. Then I will explain how Matt’s psychological response fits in this model. Lastly, I will conclude psychological rehabilitation process in relation to Matt’s case. The Integrated Sport Injury Model The integrated sport injury model consists of three main components. These components are cognitive appraisal, emotional response and behavioral response. The model…show more content…
Matt’s personal history of power lifting and it’s success garnered him positive social support. However once he received negative feedback for following the “wimpy” exercises this led to his negative mood and thinking. This will lead to the next component of emotional response. Emotional Response There are many emotional response factors that play a role in the rehabilitation process. These could include: fear of the unknown, feelings of tension, anger, and depression and grief associated with an injury. As eluded in the behavior response negative social support leads to non-adherence to rehabilitation in which many of these negative emotional responses can be notice. The factors of grief associated with the injury, depression and the fear of the unknown are most prevalent in this case study. The negative feedback that Matt is receiving from his peers is leading to these negative emotional responses. This feedback is leading to his grief of the injury thus making him depressed. He shows signs of depression due to the fact that he is fearful that this injury will take away from his goals of being a top power lifter thus taking away from his identity. These negative emotional responses thus play a role in his cognitive appraisal. Cognitive Appraisal Factors associated with cognitive appraisal include: The need to adjust performance
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