The Integration At Was Quiet Simple

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The integration to was quiet simple. The current manual posting section on was replaced by embedding the ADP E-Recruitment External Career Centre into the career page. This removed the manual process of posting information on the Conifex website and flowing the information from the ADP site (Figure 14). Figure 14: Join Our Team Forest Products Association of Canada – The Greenest Workforce The project deliverables include the integration of the job posting data to the Forest Products Association of Canada job platform – The Greenest Workforce ( (Figure 15). This website was constructed to focus on forest industry labour opportunities and to promote the association members. The website has many interesting features that educate the public on the jobs in the forestry industry, the employers, and the communities in which they operate. Figure 15: The Greenest The job platform tool will accept the job position data from the ADP E-Recruitment external career centre and redisplay it in the FPAC format (Figure 16-1 and Figure 16-2) . All Conifex positions will then have a link to move the candidate back to the ADP E-Recruitment site (Figure 13-1) to apply for a position. Figure 16-1: Conifex Page - The Greenest Figure 16-2: Conifex Job Postings - The Greenest Project Outcomes The initial project scope was to use the ADP E-Recruitment application to post and track

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