The Integration Of Computers And Software Tools

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Bioinformatics is the integration of computers and software tools to analyse information associated with biomolecules on a large scale. Conventionally, biological study examines individual system in detail and uses the data that is produced to frequently compare similar systems that are related. However, bioinformatics facilitates scientists to study and conduct global analysis of all the available data. This allows researchers, to uncover common principles that may be applied across numerous systems, which results in different features to be highlighted (Luscombe , et al., 2001).
Due to the increased amount of research that has been conducted in association with genes and proteins, computational methods such as bioinformatics has become
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Computational biology became popular during the 1970’s when the price of computers decreased and they were easier to use and more readily available. Subsequently, this new technology was introduced primarily to store and manage data that was produced through genomic research. This then resulted in investigations to be completed in shorter amounts of time, which lead to larger investigations, leading to more data being produced. Thus, bigger and better computers were needed to manage the data that was generated. Hence, bioinformatics was used to create tools, algorithms and databases, which enabled comprehensive management of data. Therefore, as more and more data is being produced, the need for more powerful computers are needed in order to manage the data. Furthermore, due to large amount of data being generated, larger databases are required and more powerful tools are needed to manage and store the data.
The proteins play a key role in the biological function and their studies make possible to understand the mechanisms that occur in many biological events. The human genome project enabled the emergence of proteomics. Proteomics is the large scale study of proteins, particularly the functions and structure of different proteins. The field of bioinformatics has had a significant effect in proteomics, as it has introduced new algorithms to handle large and heterogeneous data sets. Moreover, Bioinformatics has offered the
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