The Integration Of Health Information Technology ( Hit ) And Patient Experience

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In this exploration to understand the linkages of health information technology(HIT) and patient experience, a comprehensive literature search was conducted using the key word, “information technology, HIT, patient experience, patient satisfaction, and technology”, on the MEDLINE, PubMed, and EMBASE database resulting in over 1,000 citations. Eventually, 35 of the most relevant articles were reviewed and 11 identified as key references to include in beginning to explore the question, as the transformation of healthcare continues, how can technology enable a positive return on investment to a patients’ perception of their care in an organization and how can technology impact the patent experience? The result revel there is in fact more questions than answers that exits and therefore further opportunities for exploration and research are encouraged. That noted, the literature and examples emerging in practices across healthcare are showing that technology and the patient experience are moving closer to one another ae each day passes. HIT is truly evolving as a key ingredient in the patient experience conversation. The benefits and barriers of implementing EHRs in ambulatory care settings are discussed. The researchers conclude that widespread adoption and meaningful use of EHR technology rely on the successful integration of health information technology (HIT) into clinical workflow. Without successful integration of HIT into clinical workflow, clinicians in today 's…
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