The Integration Of Health Information Technology ( Hit ) And Patient Experience

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Abstract In this exploration to understand the linkages of health information technology(HIT) and patient experience, a comprehensive literature search was conducted using the key word, “information technology, HIT, patient experience, patient satisfaction, and technology”, on the MEDLINE, PubMed, and EMBASE database resulting in over 1,000 citations. Eventually, 35 of the most relevant articles were reviewed and 11 identified as key references to include in beginning to explore the question, as the transformation of healthcare continues, how can technology enable a positive return on investment to a patients’ perception of their care in an organization and how can technology impact the patent experience? The result revel there is in fact…show more content…
Keywords Health information technology, HIT, patient experience, enabling technology, electronic health record (EHR) Table of Contents Abstract 2 Keywords 2 Table and Chart list 4 Introduction 6 Improving Health 7 Background 8 Project goal 9 Problem Implication 11 Purpose Statement 11 Barriers to HIT Implementation 12 Research Question 14 Evaluation of integration technologies 14 Literature Review 17 Theoretical perspective 17 Facilities 19 Review Method 19 References 19 Table and Chart list Title Page Number Chart1 10 Introduction The purpose of this project was to overview on the effects of health information technology integration (HIT). This report is mainly focused on understanding of health information technology, specifically on use of health information technology as significant use. Scope of this literature review, given the current state of health information functionality 8. Health information technique is biggest term in today’s era, technology used for various administrative, operations management, and direct clinical functions in health care organization. An electronic health record (EHR) is define by the Health Information Management System Society (HIMSS) as a longitudinal electronic record of patient health information generated by one or more encounter in any health care setting including patient demographics, progress
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