The Integration Of Officially Integrating Borrowings Into The Host Language

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The integration of loanwords

With the purpose of officially integrating borrowings into the host language and for speakers to casually use them in their conversations, all borrowings and creations undergo linguistic changes based on the features of the recipient language. The following words will analyse the phonological and morphosyntactic strategies used in French language contact situations.

Phonetical change

Every language has its own phonological system and therefore reproducing foreign sounds is usually a great linguistic difficulty. The most common strategy to deal with the acoustic reproduction of loanwords is to treat them as native words, thus, speakers approximately re-interpret the sounds in loanwords following the familiar phonological framework of the hosting language. Phonological changes can be minimal or perhaps greatly, to the extent that speakers of the donor language may struggle to identify the loanword as a word of their own . The result of the adaptation of loanwords creates a certain uncertainty in the speakers. However, this instability and incertitude contribute to maintain the foreign feature alive in foreign words, in comparison to the fixed pronunciation of autochthonous words.

In situations where French is the recipient language, loanwords are phonologically restructured to fit the French syllabary system. Considered being one of the most purist languages French speakers have a strong loyalty towards their native language. It is for this
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