The Integration Of Social Studies

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According to Mindes, when children are confident, and have self-confidence; they are able to take risks and they would try new things (2008). And, I agree with Mindes, because social development permits teachers to teach students to be respectful in the classroom with themselves and others. Teaching social studies in the primary grades is crucial, because this are the years where young children can learn a sense of themselves and others creating a perception of empathy. Also, social learning and character development are appropriate to include in a social studies curriculum in the primary grades. Because, the integration of social studies while the children are young will help children to develop a sense of their selves in a social context (Mindes, 2008). I believe is essential for primary grade children to have a strong orientation of what is right to wrong, and to distinguish what is appropriate behavior. The integration of social studies, would support primary grade students through activities and experience who they are in the social context. Furthermore, the social experiences in the primary grades stimulus character. According to Mindes, “Character is an individual’s approach to ethical issues” (2008). Consequently the curriculum of social development is crucial for younger children to develop social development of self. In the primary grades the curricular should focus on self-development in a social context. Which should start in the classroom and the people in
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