The Integration Of The European Union

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In the last decade, Western Europe has rapidly transformed into a hub for immigration. Whether this is in relation to the Roma, or more recently Middle Eastern, African and South Asian refugees, Western Europe has been forced to adopt policies surrounding human rights, migration and asylum to manage this demand. At the same time as the European Union (EU) experienced a great influx of immigration into its territory, it has been working towards developing closer ties between member states and the people of Europe. The migration crisis has created a tension, however, between the member states. Where there needs to be a predisposition toward integration this has migrated to one of disintegration. With border crossings heavily regulated and…show more content…
The EU has not yet developed cohesive plans for managing Roma integration and migration let alone to deal with the net migration patterns from Syria. Current unrest has called for institutions to manage huge numbers of migrants and manage the politically complex needs of those peoples. Assimilation and cohabitation are considerations that cannot be implemented on a large scale but rather must consider the unique and individual circumstances of each culture, member state and migrant. A key issue within the crisis is the political instability causing the migration and the resulting needs of refugees upon entering the EU. The EU states “democracy and human rights are universal values that should be vigorously promoted around the world [and are] integral to effective work on poverty alleviation and conflict prevention and resolution, in addition to being valuable bulwarks against terrorism” , yet their actions have caused tensions both within the EU and globally as to how well they are actioning this dialogue. This is a discourse that has been present since the cold war with securitisation of migration a main source of insecurity for the member states of the EU. This paper will analyse four areas that are at the heart of tensions around EU approaches to human rights and migration policy. Roma and Syrian Refugee Crisis Recently the Syrian refugee crisis has heightened a global awareness of
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