The Integration Of The European Union

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In the last decade, Western Europe has rapidly transformed into a hub for immigration. Whether this is in relation to the Roma, or more recently Middle Eastern, African and South Asian refugees, Western Europe has been forced to adopt policies surrounding human rights, migration and asylum to manage this demand. At the same time as the European Union (EU) experienced a great influx of immigration into its territory, it has been working towards developing closer ties between member states and the people of Europe. The migration crisis has created a tension, however, between the member states. Where there needs to be a predisposition toward integration this has migrated to one of disintegration. With border crossings heavily regulated and responsibility to place and process refugees Europe is, more than ever, more segregated. Identification as a European is suffering with this segregation and can be attributed to, in part, the migration crisis that the EU continues to battle. In the full eye of a global audience, the EU must work to strengthen its policies, human rights processes and institutions, which were, and are still being, heavily tested with the pressure of net immigration.
This essay will examine the policies causing this shift as well as causal effects of migration and its policies in the below areas:
a) Roma and Syrian Refugee Crisis,
b) Structures and Procedures for Processing - Dublin System,
c) Exploitation of Schengen,
d) Human Rights and Migration Policy.
In a…
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