The Integration Of The European Union

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The Americans did it – uniting almost the entire continent into a United States of America, and the Europeans did it too – creating the European Union with a single currency and governing principles. However, unifying large swathes of political territories is not as easy as it would seem and Africa’s diverse cultural, ethnic, economic and political interests may not allow the transition into a union to be smooth or even viable. The unification of countries, such as that in the European Union has its set of problems – especially with the more developed countries suffering huge immigration from the less developed countries in the union. Political developments like these threaten the stability of the entire region – and with African nations poised at varying degrees of development – from the highest end of the spectrum with South Africa, to the lowest end with Ethiopia and Congo an African Union may never be possible. This paper explores the pitfalls of the unionization of African countries, and argues that Africa should refrain from taking such a politically, economically and culturally disastrous step.
The Dream of a United States of Africa

The dream of a United States of Africa is not new. In fact, a number of Black visionaries and leaders have argued for the construction of a united Africa in the past. Marcus Garvey, a Black Nationalist leader and journalist had passionately protested for the creation of such a union (Clarke, 1974). A number of artists, including
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