The Integration Of The Mdgs Into The Indonesia 's National Development Plan

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3.2. The NLTDP, NMTDP and the MDGs
As a reflection of Indonesia’s increased willingness to play a cooperative role in the international arena, the government is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of providing a systematic data to measure development progress. Although there are many instances where various international development programs are being incorporated into the national development plan, in this dissertation I present a case study on the integration of the MDGs into the Indonesia’s national development plan as a specific example where the Indonesian government takes a proactive role in integrating an international development agenda into its national development plan.

3.2.1. Why MDGs?
Aside from the MDGs being the first comprehensively outlined global development goals that were agreed by UN member states, the fact that they provide specific indicators illustrate that the MDGs are able to provide the initial frameworks for developing countries to achieve development objectives deemed as important by setting specific goals and targeted indicators which statutory countries have pledged to fulfil by the end of 2015. The multi-dimensional nature of what consist of development as outlined in the MDGs will also enable us to incorporate a more holistic view of development, as opposed to the traditional interpretation of development that almost exclusively refers to economic progress.
Furthermore, Indonesia was one of the 189 UN member state signees of the…
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