The Integration Of Uzbekistan And Islamic State

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The IMU began in 1989 in order to form a protection force for developing small businesses in the Soviet Union. The group was referred to as Adolant which means justice in Uzbek. This movement began in the Fergana Valley region which sits in Namangan, Uzbekistan (Stein, 2014, para. 2). In 1998 the IMU shifted its operations to overthrow the current leadership of Uzbekistan and follow Sharia making it an Islamic State. The IMU did not agree with the way Islom Karimov was running Uzbekistan as president (encyclopedia of espionage, 2015, para. 1). Osama Bin Laden provided the IMU with 130,000 dollars in a trip to the mountains of Tajikistan. The money was handed directly to Namangani who was the current financier for the IMU (Ruzaliev, 2004, para. 9).
According to Ruzaliev (2004), “A few weeks later, a meeting took place in Karachi between the members of Islamic organizations from Pakistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, the Palestine, Kashmir, Uzbekistan, and Chechnia. They agreed to raise two million dollars to support the Holy Jihad against Karimov’s regime (para. 9).”
IMU had been operating in northern Afghanistan at the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks and were greatly setback when Operation Enduring Freedom kicked off (stein, 2014, p. 2). Stein stated (2014), “Sometime after the IMU moved into Afghanistan after the incursions, Yuldashev took an Islamic oath of loyalty to Mullah Omar, leader of the Taliban (p. 5). According to Stein (2014), “Juma Namangani and
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