The Integration Of Women Into The Service

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Ever since the formation of a formal military, there has always been the conflict of gender and identity and their place in the armed forces. Back to the days of the Romans and the Greeks women made an effort to enter the battlefield. In the modern military, women have their place in the service, but some still desire more. More women are attempting to answer the call of duty every day, some are even trying to join special forces teams that are for only the best of the best. Recently in America we have progressed in our acceptance of women in the military made it possible for them to join these elite forces. The integration of women into the service has been a topic of great magnitude recently, and the movement continues forward with each day. In September of 2015, the United States military announced that it would be opening up its Army Ranger school to all genders. Since its creation it had always been a male-only team of the Army branch as socially men have always been the more aggressive and determined sex (Devor 424) . The Rangers opened the school up to three women in order to test the viability of women in the special forces. After two women successfully graduated their training, it was announced that the task force would be opened to all genders, and that there would be gender neutral standards set in place (Michaels, "Army Ranger School Officially Opened to Women").These gender-neutral standards are the correct answer to the ongoing problem of women in the…
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