The Integration Perspective And The Christian Psychology Perspective

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Within the psychology field and in society, there is a common belief that theological principles, scripture, Christianity, and psychological principles are not compatible. Instead they believe that modern psychology is secular, scientific, and sacrilegious. However, many Christian psychologists and counselors, organizations and associations such as the Society for Christian Psychology, are striving to unite, integrate and incorporate Christian values, principles and knowledge into modern psychological counseling, research, and practice. Two of the main perspectives that tries to merge the two principles and theories is the Integration perspective and the Christian Psychology perspective. The Integration perspective is the view that incorporates and offers a theory that integrates and creates a balance between Christian doctrine and modern psychology. Characteristic of this approach is the inclusion of Christian principles and scriptural references, along with observations, research, empirical research, mathematics, and natural science theory and principles. Integrationists understand and value the contributions of modern psychology and science; which has completely revolutionized the understanding of humanity specifically in areas such as, personality, cognition, socialization, human development and etc. Even so, Integrationists also understand that science does not address and answer all questions regarding human nature. For example, science cannot offer explanations as to
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