The Integrative Intervention Model Of Child Based Play

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“Many traditional family therapists often exclude small children from the therapeutic process” (Wehrman & Field, 2013). Although therapists may feel as though conducting a session with children present can be challenging, it is strongly encouraged to do so. The integrative intervention model of child-based play is an effective method in which therapists should use when treating families. Recent research concludes that the “integration of children and families involved in counseling will benefit the family when all family members are present” (Wehrman & Field, 2013). Results of this method of therapy provide therapeutic change for families in their communication and relationships. Examples of play-based activities that can be used in…show more content…
As a result of these behaviors, sessions may be unproductive. Child and parental involvement in counseling produce positive family dynamics and increase the communication skills within families. The “current movement in the counseling profession is to combine family counseling and play therapy so that all members of the family benefit from creative, therapeutic interventions” (Wehrman & Field, 2013). Creativity allows the family to be engaged with one another. As stated previously, there are several play-based activities counselors can use in family therapy. Puppets and dolls symbolize a family member’s reality or fantasy in which they act out scenes that portray what they are feeling. Expressive art is used to create pictures illustrating the perspectives individual family member. The integrated model provides many advantages for children. Play-based activities encourage children to work through their thoughts and feelings. Children are more likely to participate in the process when given toys rather than sitting on the couch. Another advantage is that it “offers the child a powerful way of mastering his or her world and is crucial to cognitive development, personality formation, and social adaptation” (Wehrman & Field 2013). Play itself is important in child development. With the addition of play in therapy, children will be able to lean and develop even more. Counselors can apply there skills while interacting with children.
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