The Intellectual Movement Of Ancient Greece

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Finding a Balance In current society, people question the true essence of a happy life: is it money, power love, sex, or religion? In retrospect, however, this is a contemplation that also wondered the minds of people from ancient times. Ever since the emergence of early civilizations, human beings have attempted to identify the elements that can allow them to live happier lives. For the early thinkers of these civilizations, this quest for a more meaningful and satisfying life could be acquired only through the application of philosophical thought. According to them, philosophical thinking, which strictly focuses on the use of reason and logic (Pojman and Vaughn 2), offered the only tools that would allow them find the true sources of happiness. A prime example of a civilization that used critical thinking and reason to identify these seemingly complex elements were the ancient Greeks. Essentially, Greek philosophy attempted to find rational answers to basic questions about man and the universe (Owens). These questions included the quest for happiness. The intellectual movement of ancient Greece nurtured many different kinds of philosophies, and in particular, there were two different kinds of philosophies that attempted to guide people towards the quest of a fulfilled and happy life: the philosophies of Epicureanism and Hedonism. These philosophies, however, didn’t offer the conventional ideas like love or religion as the key components of a happy life. Instead, they
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