The Intelligence Community Essay

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The Intelligence Community has had successes and failures, many of which have made history. One of the most prominent failures in U.S history was the attacks on September 11, 2011. Now most people would start to read this essay and think they know everything about what happened that day because it has been so publicized. However, for me it was different. Yes, I was alive when it happened, but I was too young to understand. The September 11th attacks have been of particular interest to me due to the fact that they happened right in my backyard. One of them even occurred in the same state in which I live. For this reason I wanted to know why an event of this magnitude occured in the U.S. The safety of Americans has changed since then leaving many people affected. The collection and analysis of intelligence in our nation changed dramtically after the 9/11 attacks. On the morning of September 11th at 7 am at the Grifiss Air Force Base in New York State, Colonel Bob Marr was in charge of two and a half million kilometers of air space. This area stretched from New York State down to Washington, DC, over Chicago and stopped at the halfway point of the United States. While this team was preparing for their routine day at work, four hundred kilometers away, five passengers were checking in at the Boston Logan Airport, preparing to board on American Airlines Flight 11. Aiport secuirty stopped three of the men for additional screening, but passed through without any incidents. The…
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