The Intelligence Community Of The United States

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Throughout the years, the intelligence community in the United States have worked diligently to provide a sense of security for the millions of Americans living in our great nation today. From the FBI to the CIA, these government agencies work around the clock to find and eliminate threats that maybe detrimental to our country. However, one event that took place 14 years ago reshaped not only the way Americans think of the intelligence community, it also reshaped the policies and procedures of institutions such as the CIA, FBI, DOD, etc. The event that caused the remodeling of our government agencies was the event that took place on September 11, 2001 or known throughout the U.S. as “9/11.” A total of 2,977 Americans lost their lives to a terrorist attack led by Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and many looked to the intelligence communities for answers. This traumatic event happened because our intelligence communities each failed to report the findings collectively as a group to Congress and the POTUS. The intelligence community as whole failed the United States because terrorism was not a priority and if they were given Intel on a possible attack, they either failed to communicate the findings to the correct branch or they had information and didn’t see it as that big of a threat causing the biggest terrorist attack our nation has ever seen.
There were many government institutions in the US that dealt with terrorism before the events of 9 /11 such as the CIA, FBI,…
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