The Intelligence Gathering And Counterterrorism Measures Undergone After The 1998 Bombings

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This paper will investigate the intelligence gathering and counterterrorism measures undergone after the 1998 bombings leading up to the 2013 Mall shootings to determine the effectiveness of the measures, and analyze the underlying structural impediments to counterterrorism and intelligence, the inherent challenges, and opportunities An analysis of why Kenya continues to suffer sporadic attacks will follow, and recommendations on what additional intelligence reform measures can be taken will be included in this report. The paper’s main finding is that while Kenya has done a moderately successful job of enacting policy reforms that strike an acceptable balance between civil liberties and public security, it has significant improvements to make in the intelligence gathering area, and it also has not adequately addressed the issue of inequality that lead to disenfranchisement and radicalization of educated and uneducated youth and the unemployed. It therefore requires further changes in order to handle the long-term threat of terrorism.
It will begin with more in-depth descriptions of the 1998 and 2013 terrorist attacks in Kenya, including accounts of the Kenyan government’s immediate actions in response to these events. These descriptions will be followed by a broader study of recent terror and intelligence reforms in Kenya. This paper will analyze these reforms and consider the support they received, the reactions that they provoked, and their effectiveness at dissuading…
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