The Intelligent Civil Rights Activist By Frederick Douglass

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The intelligent civil rights activist Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in Maryland on February 1818. His born given name, Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, seemed to be a fairytale name to an unusual life because his father was a white planation owner who was most likely Douglass 's first slave master, named Captain Anthony. Possibly it was Harriet Bailey who gave her son Frederick such a distinguished name wishing that his life would be superior than hers. His mother couldn’t imagine that her son 's life would continue to be a foundation of awareness and motivation for all abolitionists. It would be hard to find anyone who symbolizes the Black History Month theme, like Frederick Douglass when he fled the terrors of slavery to relish a life of liberty and freedom, but his exceptional personal ambition to attain justice and freedom for slaves and all Africans led him to dedicate his life to the abolition of slavery and the crusade for civil rights. His outrageous oratory skills and unexpected achievements shaped a legacy that leads his inspiration across the centuries, making Frederick Douglass a role model for the rest of eternity, especially to those who saw him as savior like figure. When it comes to slave history in America, Frederick Douglass should be the first name to pop into your head. One reason Douglass 's story remains to prosper is that his life symbolizes the American dream of overcoming difficulties and reaching greatness. At a young age he
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