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Brief Summary The Intentional Family is a book about strengthening family connections and relationships through everyday rituals, holiday celebrations, special occasions and community involvement. The book serves as a guide to help families transform simple family routines into family rituals. It discusses the importance of being consistent with good family rituals and compromising to change rituals that do not work. Doherty states that family rituals provide four important things, predictability, connections, identity, and a way to enact values. He gives many examples and suggestions on how families can best create rituals from activities they may already be doing. Many families have rituals that they feel “stuck” with. Doherty also…show more content…
Once you realize you enjoy something you have already experienced, propose making it a ritual.
What Did You Learn? The most important concept I have learned from reading The Intentional Family by William Doherty is that too many people are content to just let life “happen”. Dougherty uses the example of putting a canoe into the Mississippi River. If you do nothing, you will head south. If you want to go another direction or even stay where you are, you have to work hard and have a plan. The same applies to having a family. A couple must plan and work at having a close, connected family. Dougherty suggests this can be accomplished through the intentional planning of family rituals. Before reading this book, I had not given a lot of thought to family rituals. I recognized that my family had rituals, but didn’t understand the impact it can have on relationships. I have learned that family rituals can have a greater effect on families if they are planned to have meaning and significance for the family. There are many examples of activities I have done with my kids that we have enjoyed, but by failing to repeat them, I have missed out on creating a ritual. For an activity to be a meaningful ritual, it needs to be repeated. By repeating these activities, you are increasing the predictability or stability children need. Predictability is one of the four important things that family rituals provide. A second benefit of establishing family rituals

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