The Interacting Mechanisms of a Globalized World

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Societies have gone through many changes from hunter-gatherer bands to horticulture and herding tribes to ancient empires to the modern day nations, but none have happened so quickly or influenced so many as the globalization of these nations. The most advanced nations, who before modern technology had geographical or political boundaries to underdeveloped countries, now can access these lands quickly, cheaply, and easily. This change has occurred because of industries taking over, or at least having a heavy influence in, national politics. They value money over the environment, the nation, and the people of the nation. The neoliberal policies of the modern world have put transnational companies in charge of the world economy, with few checks and balances to control them. This has resulted in vast market expansion, the highest income inequality ever seen in human history, mass international migration, and adverse health and environmental effects amplified like never before.
This trend of rapidly increasing globalization started around the Industrial Revolution, with England’s rise from an average economy to one of the richest countries in the world. This transformation caused the government to cater to industry, because if the industries became richer, so did England. The government adopted laws beneficial to the…
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