The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change Advice For Policy Makers

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The Intergovernmental panel on Climate Change advice for policy makers is a book with various statistics and facts about what the scientific community has been noticing about the changing environment. The hope for the panel when making this booklet is that they could help guide policy makers towards making more informed decisions about their policies and the effect it is having on the environment. While some of the evidence is almost indisputable many politicians still argue their validity due to personal beliefs or because they receive campaign donations from companies who do not want to see environmental policies change. The booklet is split up into three different parts, observations of the changes in the environment around us, future risks these changes can have, and how to manage these risks and build a sustainable planet for everybody. The booklet describes many various pieces of evidence from what they have seen around the world and have even rated their certainty on their hypothesizes. The section starts out about how the global temperature has been increasing rapidly over the past century. They also state that the reason the temperature has been rising is due to human activity and the rise in the amount of greenhouse gases that we release. The amount of human death we had so far is unknown due to the wide cause of effects the rising temperature can have. Nobody knows how much food is lost from climate change or how many water borne illnesses have killed people

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