The Interlopers

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“The Interlopers”: The short story “The Interlopers” by Saki demonstrates the ironic aura of man vs. nature, and man vs. man. Hector Hugh Munro, pen named Saki, was one of the most popular short story writers during the pre-World War I British literature era. He wrote many stories and is often referred to as a highly under rated author for British literature. His war experiences were apparent in the novellas that he wrote, and often gave readers a gloomy, disturbed feeling. Other stories by Saki include: “Gabriel-Ernest”, “The Toys of Peace”, and “The Storyteller”. These short stories specifically illustrate horror, and the advantage of living life outside of the box. The three predominant literary techniques in Saki’s “The Interlopers”…show more content…
The conflict instantly changes and nature becomes involved. While trapped under the tree they realize how idiotic the quarrel has been and vow to become cordial; treating one another as neighbors, instead of as enemies. The men’s forgiveness towards each other displays an internal conflict because both had to weigh the pros and cons of ending the feud. Either they make peace and work together to get freed, or they could just stay angry at one another and risk never being rescued from under the tree. Therefore, the three main conflicts displayed in “The Interlopers” are Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, and Man vs. self. All of which provide a great deal of trouble for both men all through-out the novella. Irony also plays a big part in understanding the concept of the story. Without Saki’s ironic ways readers would not get a clear idea of what the moral is after reading the novella. As To begin, Georg and Ulrich are fighting over land, which in the outcome is the cause of their death. In the beginning they had the intentions of searching across the useless spurs in hopes of gunning down a human rival. All along the only foe that they truly had was within the nature that was surrounding them. Saki ended the story with one word; “wolves.” It is not directly stated if Georg and Ulrich were eaten by the beasts, but that one word creates a mysterious vibe that makes the reader wonder if either of their crew ever made it in time to help them in time to fight

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