The Intermediate Plan

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You work in the civilian sector and one of the local news agencies just reported that a white powdery substance was just discovered in an open package at the court house which is located right next door to your facility. Uncertainty in regards to individual activities within a large employee population is always a cause for concern. It is difficult to govern or even deter the questionable activities of the overall employee population. A white powdery substance is no different in this regard. This problem is exacerbated due to the unknown nature regarding the causes of the substance and subsequent action that will be needed to remove it. Crime and corruption plan a very important role in the overall crisis management process. Individuals within a facility may be prone to committing acts that they perceive will provide financial gain (Flaherty, 2005). The threat of biological and chemical agents is what makes a work environment and atmosphere so unique relative to other venues. As such a practical and well thought out action execution plan will be needed to help alleviate concerns regarding chemical and biological agents within the facility. The intermediate plan must consist first of the dissemination of factual information to all stakeholders involved. The communication must also consist of discussion with building staff, supervisors, fire fighters and law enforcement as to the potential causes of the incident. This dialogue is important as the information garnered
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