The Internal Dynamics Of Riordan Manufacturing

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The internal dynamics of Riordan Manufacturing must evolve continuously to stay relevant in the market and to retain or increase the company’s chances of success by implementing new business strategies. The implementation of new strategies can change the culture and structural leadership dynamics of the organization. Riordan Manufacturing currently implements a type of hybrid structure; it is a mixture of functional structure and divisional structure. This can be a troublesome structure style, as it creates many communication gaps between different departments and divisions within the company. This makes it more difficult in the development and innovative processes of the organization. Difficulties in the development and innovative processes can slow the growth of the organization. This gives the competitors an advantage in the market. Although there are other structures that are a bit more complicated, Riordan Manufacturing will be better suited to increase communication and help promote innovation and development within the company. Riordan Manufacturing should begin implementing a matrix structure. Despite the more complex nature of the matrix structure, it promotes a comprehensive understanding throughout the company; allowing more communication between members in different departments and divisions. This enables each member in the organization to know and understand his or her role. This structure also allows the company to be more flexible and promotes growth
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