The Internal Environment Of Indraprastha Gas Limited

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Executive Summary
The objective of this study is to understand and evaluate the internal environment of Indraprastha Gas Limited. This study does a critical analysis of the vision statement, philosophy and the business objectives of the company and the relationship and consistency between them. A review of the business of the company is done to understand the relationshi between the vision and the business processes of the organisation. It also takes look into the composition of the top leadership of the company to see whether they follow the regulatory norms and the diversity in background necessary for a strog and efficient leadership.
A detailed look into the value systems of IGL gves an idea how the company relates itself with the employees, customers and the society as a whole. The study looks at some of the HSE policies, corporate social responsibilities and the safety policies taken up by the company. Human resource management of a company is one of the most important issues that a company needs to handle. This study takes a critical look into that as well. Finally, there is an overview of the performance of the IGL to understand whether the value systems, HR policies and the internal environment of the organization is resulting into commercial success. Introduction
Indraprastha Gas Limited was incorporated in the 1998. IGL took over the Delhi City Gas Distribution System from GAIL (India) Limited formerly known as Gas Authority of India Limited.
Indraprastha Gas
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