The Internal Organisation of a Business

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The Internal Organisation of Business Marks and Spencers Marks and Spencers is the first business I am going to write about in terms or organisational structure and strategic plans. Marks and Spencer is one of the best known high street retailers in the UK. It has over 450 stores and employs over 65,000 people. It also operates overseas. An organisational structure is the way the business is run, the way the workers are arranged in the business. They are in a hierarchy that is structured in layers. The lower down on the hierarchy you are the less authority you have. Recently Marks and Spencer have changed their structure to be more efficient. At first it was a tall structure but then recent changes have made it a flatter structure.…show more content…
A Credit Controller: These are the monitors of overdue payments and they also take action to repair unpaid depts. How The Organisation Makes Strategic Plans Strategic plans in a company are in place to make the company more successful. It is the way the company is organized. Normally a strategic plan is set in place for the long term, this normally depends on the finances available. The biggest plans are made by the main chairman, he makes all the strategic plans within the business, governors have their input into the company, these are then taken into action by the main chairman. Strategic planning is the organization, a strategy or a direction in making decisions, this tells the company exactly where it stands at the moment and different ways in how the company can increase their expectations to where the company wants to be as a business in success. This can help a company to effectively plan its long term decisions. Marks and Spencer make their strategic plans by different people/organisations within the company. Their main chairman “Luc Vandevelde”
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