The Internal Reasons for Nokia's Failure

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南 京 工 程 学 院 毕 业 论 文 作 者: 陈婷婷 学 号: 204080103 系 部: 外语系 专 业: 英语(经贸英语方向) 题 目: 手机巨人的倒下—诺基亚失败的内部原因 The Collapse of the Mobile Giant—The Internal Causes of Nokia’s Failure 指导者: 李健 讲师 (姓 名) (专业技术职务) 评阅者: (姓 名) (专业技术职务) 2012 年 5 月 南 京 CONTENTS CONTENTS 2 摘 要 1 Abstract 2 Chapter 1 Introduction 3 CHapter 2 the Failure of the Innovation 4 2.1 The Effect of Enterprise Inertia 4 2.1.1 The Definition of Enterprise Inertia 4…show more content…
The product’s design and development which fulfill customers’ need can gain the larger share of the market ultimately. In the current, Nokia still is the biggest mobile phone company in the world, and own a huge innovation team. But the innovation system like this which only focuses on meeting needs, not on crating needs will lead Nokia Dynasty to the end. The urgent need of Nokia is not the “meet” or “discover”, but a revolutionary create which can help to realize customer value proposition. And this is the key of business model innovation. Chapter 2 Failure of Nokia 2.1 The Condition of Nokia In accordance with the report published by Strategy Analytics, the market research firm, and IDC, in the past year, Apple and Samsung ended Nokia’s leading position in the sales volume of smart phones which last 15 years. In this year, Nokia drop two, the position now row third. Since the first launch of Communicator Smart Phone in 1996, Nokia has been the leader of the market. However, in the last year, with the pace of sales keeping fall and the pressure from strong competitors, Nokia lost out in two positions inexorably. From April to June in last year, Apple sold a total of 20,300,000 Iphone. And according to the prediction of

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