The International Associations Of The Lions Club

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My primary goal and purpose in writing this research paper is to inform any person who reads the final draft of the research paper about the different aspects of the International Associations of the Lions Club. Using the right knowledge and wisdom I plan on describing the organization known as the Lions Club. I will give my readers detailed information about the membership, services provided, and the local Lions Club. Using interesting facts and images, I plan on persuading any reader to consider joining the Lions Club in their area.
The title of my project will be “Lions Serve”. I choose this title because it is short and gets straight to the point. I feel that not only will it grab any reader’s attention; but the title also gives a
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Results: The results I am hoping for is more people will become aware of the organization and desire to join in order to better communities around the world. I also feel that I will learn some things about my local Lions Club that I never knew before.

Conclusion: Your local Lions Club is not really a fraternal, social or political organization. It is a collection of civic-minded-men and women who have united together to do anything they can to help their community, and others around the world. No matter which membership plan you decide upon joining: Regular, Family, Student, or Leo to Lions; a Lion is always eager and willing to give their time, energy and resources that are appropriate in order to serve others. By being a member of your local Lions Club you are also a member of (LCIF) Lions Clubs International Foundation. LCIF has provided support and assistance for disasters; such as, tidal wave, typhoons, storms, earthquakes, and even terrorist attacks. The Lions Club is all about serving helping others; it’s great to be a Lion.
Lions Serve (Outline)
The association of the Lions Club: The Community Lions Clubs and Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF)

A. Membership
The International Association of Lions Club is made up of various people in the communities. The Lions Club currently offers
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