The International Beer Industry – Opportunities for Carlsberg

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Department of Economics Author: Bachelor Thesis Anne Mette Lund Madsen Gina Helland Hauge Advisor: Valdemar Smith The International Beer Industry – Opportunities for Carlsberg The Aarhus School of Business 2009 Abstract In this thesis there has been an evaluation of the strategy followed by Carlsberg in the Western and Northern European beer market and the objective was to find out if their current strategy is the right one for the company. This market was chosen because it is stagnating and challenging for Carlsberg, especially due to the financial instability in the world markets. When investigating this, there have been used internal and external analyses. Due to Carlsberg’s current strategy concerning growth and…show more content…
In our choice of company to analyse we considered several large Danish companies that are successful and well known in most parts of the world. We considered Lego, Vestas and Arla as well, but we found that Carlsberg was the most interesting company due to different factors such as their ownership relations and their capability to grow through mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, we found that Carlsberg was a firm of a certain size and with relatively reliable and easily accessible information. For example, they provide the public and stakeholders with company information on their webpage and a great deal of text and articles have been published on the company’s dealings during the years. Carlsberg is part of the Danish society and it is one of the country’s most exposed brands internationally (Falk-Sørensen 2009). Carlsberg is a company with several interesting opportunities in the world market and they are facing some interesting years ahead. Therefore we think it is vital for them to have the right strategic approach to the different markets and that they face the challenges ahead. In the assignment we will focus on the strategy in the Western European market as the market is stagnating and therefore challenging for Carlsberg. This is one of the largest markets for Carlsberg. It is important that they maintain their position in the market since this is a market with a high level
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