The International Bodies Of The United Nations

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Chapter III – International bodies
The world witnessed the rise in Economy of several countries. As a result of which people became and rich and economically prosper. The International Organizations like the United Nations and its subordinate bodies exercised greater control over the World. The International bodies are responsible for the maintenance of World peace and to address several other issues which are affecting the countries. The brief description of the International bodies is as under;
The United Nations (UN) – United Nations which was established soon after the Second World War in the year 1945 vested with the primary mandate of peace keeping. The structure of the United Nations consists of five organs like the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, The Secretariat, and the International Court of Justice. General Assembly of the United Nations which is composed of the members is the key policy maker and representative organ of the United Nations.
The General Assembly – The General Assembly which meets once in a year discusses important questions relating to the peace and Security, regarding the admissions relating to the new members among other things. The Security Council which is responsible for the decision making has impacted the Globalization as there were several decisions which were taken by the General Assembly has impacted the world trade.
The Secretariat – The Secretariat headed by the Secretary General is assisted by the
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