The International Business Plan Assignment

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The International Business Plan Assignment

Student Name:Mihaela Mangalagiu
Executive Summary
At the time of development of globalization there were many concerns about its benefits. However, it has brought significant changes in all segments of human life and International business is one area in which it contributed heavily (Reich, 1998). Companies all over the world are currently formulating their business strategies mainly after considering the trends in global market instead of domestic market. Outsourcing and offshoring are some of the new business principles emerged in this world after the implementation of globalization (Samimi and Jentabad, 2014). The core of these new business concepts is to exploit the business opportunities in overseas countries as much as possible (Samimi and Jentabad, 2014).
India is one country which is developing rapidly at the moment along with China (Lal and Clement, 2005). The political, economic, social, cultural, technological and legal climate in India is extremely suitable for international entrepreneurs since business prospects in a country are heavily dependent on the above mentioned parameters. Since India is the second most heavily populated country in the world, British telecommunication company, Vodafone has enormous business opportunities in India. Mobile phone usage in India is increasing rapidly in recent times (Press Information Bureau: Government of India, 2010). A substantial portion of Indian…
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