The International Business Strategies That Firms Can Browse

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1. Trade has been a thing for a long time but countries that were devastated by war had to rebuild from scratch. As there were doing that America was continuing establishing as the major industrial power. The fact that the countries had to rebuild from scratch worked to their advantage. They were more up to date when the 1980’s came around they were on top of things. The factories in the in America were outdated and had to be rebuilt to match or exceed the factories in rival countries. This gave the other countries an advantage, they were able to get ahead of the game. About ten years later America had some major competitors to compete with. As time went on there were more and more people to compete with. 2. There are three international business strategies that firms can peruse. The first is ethnocentric staffing model. This is when a parent-country uses people from that reason to staff the higher- level forging positions. This helps in a few ways one being that the person that is hired knows the area and he demographic better and able to better assist the firm. A second strategy is the polycentric staffing model. This is when the firm uses host-country nationals throughout the company. This helps ensure that the employees are better able to deal with the local market. The third, and last, strategy is the geocentric model. This is when a firm puts parent-country host-county and third-country nationals all in to the same group and hires the person that is best suited for
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