The International Charter Of Rights And Freedoms

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Key Considerations Beginning in the 1970’s the CAF expanded the roles of women in the force, especially after the introduction of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. The CAF proudly boasts 14.8% of those working for the force are women (Statistics Canada, 2016). However, 1.7% (960 force members) reported being victims of sexual assault in 2016 alone. Additionally, of these 960 cases, 1/4 reported the assault to a supervisor and 1/10 reported to the military police (Statistics Canada, 2016). This suggests there is a barrier preventing men and women alike from reporting their assault. Retired Supreme Court justice Marie Deschamps attempted to bring more public attention to the issue and to drive the CAF to deal with the…show more content…
On the other hand, armed forces members rallied in defence of the military after the public outrage sparked by the 1998 Maclean’s article. In another Maclean’s article later that same year, both male and female members of the force made public claims that the situation has greatly improved and is not as severe as the article by O’Hara made it seem. This particular Maclean’s article was written almost 20 years ago and has been discredited to a degree by the information released by Statistics Canada in 2016. Statistics Canada provided statistics supporting Deschamps’ opinion that sexual assault in the military is a prevalent problem that needs to be addressed by the federal government. As such, their data contradicts the opinion of these members of the force that the portrayal of the force was unfair and inaccurate. According to Statistics Canada and an article in the Toronto Star, in the most recent survey, 80% of the respondents stated they felt that if they came forward with a sexual assault claim it would be taken seriously. This demonstrates that General Vance has been somewhat successful. The Star credits this success to Operation Honour as well as the Sexual Misconduct Response Centre put in place to
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