The International Code Of Medical Ethics

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"I think those who have a terminal illness and are in great pain should have the right to choose to end their lives, and those who help them should be free from prosecution," British cosmologist Stephen Hawking told the BBC. Live and Death is directly or indirectly controlled by universal energy to whom we call God. A person who is suffering from the severe brain damage, his/her body system is partially working but brain is almost dead has universal right to live till his/her last breath but, as human being we can see him/her suffering. Our brain has total control over the Central Neurone System, every sense and movement has been controlled by directly or indirectly by brain.
The International Code of Medical Ethics, last revised in 2006,
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If we think that once patient get consciousness and he/she would be alright as he/she was then it is just false hope. He/she might have body but body without soul, because he could have lost almost his/her vision, body movements, senses and he/she might have paralysis. He/she can’t even move single inch without help. He/she can’t even feel sleep so such person need assistance 24/7 hours. It is really hard or selfless decision for family to tell Doctors “Patient wouldn’t want to live”. It doesn’t show that they don’t have mercy or they don’t love patients but it shows that they can’t see suffering their beloved one. They care for him/her so they want him/her free from the pain or suffering. Those who are opposing them to kill the patient have same sympathy for patient but they should think beyond their emotions and feelings. They should think over the current and future situation (If patient gets consciousness) of the patient calmly and then tell their opinion.
We should be fighting for the right to decent end of life care, said Herbert Hendin, a psychiatrist who has done extensive research on this issue. If you ask people if they want the right to die of course people want the right to die, but it 's a spurious right. More important is the right to have the care that is necessary.
It is totally illegal and against the law of nature of ‘life and death’. Now we can see the medical science has become more advanced technically and scientifically
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