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1.Introduction 1.1.Authorisation and purpose This report has been written for Dr Ian Whyte who has instructed to provide knowledge of my previous six months whilst being on placement with Great Southern Rail and to objectively analyse various areas of employment and to contribute to achieving a Bachelor of Business (Hotel Management) from the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM). 1.2.Background of the writer After six months of employment with Great Southern Rail and undertaking various different roles within the company while being positioned as a hospitality attendant. Also the previous six months before undertaking industry placement with Great Southern Rail; the preparation with the International College of Hotel…show more content…
One indication would be the working environment as it is unique work pace and not one often seen in the hospitality industry. Although with these limitations there is should be no impact upon the following findings. 2.Property and Position Overview – 300 words 2.1.Property overview Great Southern Rail is luxury train operation that operates three trains around Australia; The Ghan, which travels to Adelaide, Alice Springs, Darwin and vice versa. Also the Indian Pacific, which travels from Perth, Adelaide, Sydney and vice versa and The Overland from Melbourne to Adelaide. The Chief Executive Officer of Great Southern Rail is Chris Tallent (Administrator, 2014). 2.2.Position overview The position held over the duration of this placement was a hospitality attendant. This position entails two different areas, housekeeping and food service. All hospitality is assigned a carriage to be responsible for over the durations of the journey, this is entailing boarding and disembarking guest at their desired destination, demonstrating to the guests where on the train and in their room particular places are, for instance the where there exits are, the dinning and lounge carriage is and also explaining where everything is in their rooms. 155 words 3.Food and Beverage Service Standards 3.1. Comparing two outlets on property Under the following headings shall be a step up step of the food and beverage standards on board the train in two very different areas, gold service and
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