The International College Of Hotel Management

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1.1.Authorisation and purpose

This report has been written for Dr Ian Whyte who has instructed to provide knowledge of my previous six months whilst being on placement with Great Southern Rail and to objectively analyse various areas of employment and to contribute to achieving a Bachelor of Business (Hotel Management) from the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM).
1.2.Background of the writer

After six months of employment with Great Southern Rail and undertaking various different roles within the company while being positioned as a hospitality attendant.
Also the previous six months before undertaking industry placement with Great Southern Rail; the preparation with the International College of Hotel Management undertaking various subjects such as Food and Beverage Serving Standards, Delivering the Guest Experience and Room Division Serving Standards have all impacted and assisted with success while undertaking industry placement.
1.3.Scope of the report

The purpose of this report is to look at the range of various different areas of employment that are associated with working for Great Southern Rail. The areas that will investigate are, food and beverage serving standards, housekeeping standards, software applications and human resources management with in the company of Great Southern Rail.

It is vital to indicate that although industry placement there was a small number of limitations in knowledge through out this…
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